“Our faith isn’t complicated. There are three key relationships. The first two: UP with God. IN with fellow believers. Most or at least many churches stop right there. In doing so they become insular and comfortable. You cannot miss the final key relationship that God calls us to, OUT to the world. This is the giving part of who we are. Let’s make sure we have the balance right and we are healthy faith filled believers ‘going and giving’ like we are commanded.”

- Carl Mutzelburg

Heart for Ipswich

Other Mission Focuses

Catalyst Church also supports the following:


    We believe that Catalyst must move from accumulating members, to sending people. Jesus had a plan for mission; that He would see his Kingdom come -through his church. Catalyst planting churches - that plant churches. Click here to find out more about our church plants.


    The vision of the CRI Network, is to have excellent quality CRI in every Ipswich state school, every week. With endorsement from the Ipswich + Southern Somerset Ministers Fellowships, + support from individual Christians + many churches, the Network aims to lift the profile of CRI. The CRI network supports over 100 volunteer RI teachers. To get involved or find out more, click HERE. 

  • SCHOOLs + CHaplaincy

    Catalyst Church has had a long standing relationship with our local high school. One of the ways we continue to partner with the school is through the SU QLD Chaplaincy Service.


    Empart exists to empower and partner with communities through various social development programs. They equip local leaders, empower women, nurture children, restore health, improve livelihoods, and respond to emergencies. Through unique programs, Empart's teams in the field provide vocational skills training, relief and development, hygiene education and medical care. Find out more HERE.


    Vital is Values Integrated Through Action-based Learning. Developed + refined over 25+ years, Vital empowers individuals towards emotional health + wellbeing. Using innovative inter-related models + content, VITAL provides training in the delivery, integration + practical application to bring out the potential of individuals + teams. Learn more about Vital Projex HERE.


    Established in 2013, Catalyst has partnered with CAP (Christians Against Poverty) to establish a Debt Centre for the Ipswich Region. Providing a professional debt management service; releasing people in our local community from debt + poverty through free debt management, training + ongoing support.