How to fight Anxiety

There is a lot we can be anxious about- especially in the busy, uncertain world we're living in at the moment. It doesn't take much to tip us over the edge to the point of feeling totally overwhelmed. 

We want to let you know that you are not alone. We want to do what we can to help you relax, to laugh again, to live more freely and know a sense of lasting peace. 

Please reach out and send us an email- we're here to listen. 

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Dealing with Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety? In earlier years I was an expert worrier, which I guess is about the same thing.

I worried about all sorts of things, from someone breaking into the house, to whether my children had good teachers at school, to whether I was doing a good job as a wife and mother. One thing I didn’t really worry about was money. We didn’t have much, but God always took care of us one way or another.

If you have anxiety, the first thing to figure out is whether it is based in reality or imagination. For instance, if there is an actual threat of fire, or flood, or domestic violence, then it’s only sensible to remove yourself from the property.

However, if your fears are based on the vague possibility that something bad might happen, then it’s time to look your fears in the face and give yourself a ‘stern talking to’. The fact is that ‘worry won’t fix it’.

This video message (below) by Darren Bennett about fighting anxiety provides another helpful solution. 

Bad things do happen to all of us in the course of life, and we simply can’t avoid some of those things. The best precaution is to plan ahead if possible, grow in wisdom and make friends of good people who will be able to give you practical help and advice in times of trouble.

If you have a Bible, try reading Proverbs Chapter 3. It’s full of reassuring words for those who trust in God.

- Kerrie Price