Doing Good

What's the purpose of doing good? 

It can seem a bit like- what's the point? No one seems to care and everyone around me is living for what seems right/feels good.

What's your reason for doing good? 

Have you thought about that? Is it to gain respect? Is it to fit in? Is it to help you feel good? Is it because you're trying to earn something?

Our motivation is critical... because it will determine how long we do good and to what extent. It will decide if we keep doing good if things don't work out. 

For the Christian, doing good is not how we gain God's love and acceptance. That is received as a gift by faith.

Instead, the reason we should do good is so that our transformed lives make the good news about Jesus irresistible to those we rub shoulders with in our community. 

God's love should be our motivation. The Holy Spirit should be the means. Jesus is our example of what 'doing good' looks like.

The way we act matters a lot. A general ‘do good’ approach should be thought through so it doesn’t lose its power and become just about being polite, nice, conservative people who fit in with society. 

Doing good as a Christian should be radiant.

What specific good deeds would attract positive attention and create curiosity about the gospel message in your community today?

Do that.

- Tom Anderson

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