Jessica Mutzelburg

Where were you born? Ipswich Hospital


Favorite book of the bible? Philippians


Favorite character of bible? Paul

Last meal if you were on Death Row? Lemon meringue pie with cream

Favorite hobby? Lego


Favorite Ice Cream flavour? Macadamia


Favorite Movie of all time? Notting Hill


Favorite sports team moment? Aussies winning gold at the Olympics – any sport

Last TV series watched? Virgin River

Smell you most hate? Rotten eggs


What is your favorite dish to cook or if you don't like cooking what is your go to meal? Lasagne


Have you been on a blind date? No

What is the most amazing place you’ve been on your travels? Carnarvon Gorge


The most embarrassing thing that happened to you was? Can’t say in public


Best advice you have ever received? ‘Shake it off’ – The Apostle Paul (and Taylor Swift)