Vision Statement

Looking toward 2030 Catalyst church will pour fuel on the fire to ignite leaders that are the catalyst for making disciples that exercise their God given influence for kingdom impact.  

Why? Because it is not ok that 95% of our local community is not captured by the wonder and life changing power of the gospel. It is not ok that the taste of the spiritual vitality of many Christians is ‘spit you out’ lukewarm faith. 

We will do better! 

Across all generations we will see the overwhelming majority of our church community embark on the spiritually transforming journey of discipleship. We will see 2000 radical disciples bringing influence to their world by pursuing the exciting destiny that God has for them. We will extend our borders by seeing 5 dynamic ‘church planting’ churches established; booming impact into their neighbourhoods. We will see our venue become a bee hive of kingdom impact for our community, used seven days a week and a place that brings faith, hope and love. 

We can’t wait to stretch our wings and soar to great heights and see the realisation of God’s ‘beyond our imagination’ vision for our city and beyond.

Our 2030 vision


Background Vision: 4 x 3 year goals

1. Discipleship: We will invest into a discipleship process that equips 500 people to serve or lead within and outside of our church context, with an intentional focus on missional and ministry leadership opportunities.

2. Church Planting: We will have developed a church planting process and have established our first church plant. Our church plants will be mission focused and funded in part by a reallocation of finances.

3. Giving and Staffing: We will implement directed strategies which will produce a 20% increase in current giving enabling us to provide sufficient training and staffing to meet projected needs.

4. Location Redevelopment: We will have completed strategic redevelopment of under-utilised spaces on our Ipswich location to engage our community in missional ventures and bless our city.