young adults

Catalyst young adults love to hang out and have fun. The core of who we are is to challenge and inspire each other in our relationship with God. We believe that as a group of young people we can step into the extraordinary potential that God has for our lives and make a mark on the world.

The most important part of Catalyst Young Adults is our connect groups. Most of these groups meet weekly or fortnightly. These groups provide great opportunities to connect with other young adults, discover how the bible applies to our lives and encourage and spur one another on to live our lives to fullest.


As well as our connect groups we love to gather together in other ways -  it could be hanging out, having a meal after church, enjoying something recreational or spending time hearing inspirational messages from great Christian leaders about how we can fulfil our part in God’s plan for our lives. We aim to have 2 events a month - one social and one worship focused. Please reach out to get our calendar!

Anyone from about age 17 to early 30's is welcome to come join us. If you’re ready to join a group of young Christians who love God and love life, or even if you just want to know more about this whole church thing, we'd love to see you some time. 


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