You are invited to Camp No Fear 2020!

We believe that Camp No Fear is the ultimate summer camp experience. We love investing in young people: no matter your background or your story - we want every camper to leave feeling encouraged, empowered and equipped to face the year ahead.


What is Camp No Fear?

The ultimate summer camp; where wild games, empowering night sessions and the greatest people evs add up to the best weekend of your life!


Making friends

We group campers by age, gender, school and personal preference to ensure they have a great time. Campers are joined by passionate leaders who work hard to create a great environment for their particular campers

Epic activities

If you've been to this year's location before, don't worry about being bored! We know that campers visit different sites throughout the year with schools and other groups - so we are super creative with our epic games and use the on-site activities minimally

Top notch stage program

We have an incredible team of musicians and technicians who create a stage and media program like you've never experienced on a camp

Positive message

Campers hear a great message that is relevant to their lives when they return home. It's about reminding them that they have value, that Jesus loves them and that they can take control of their lives

Want to see more?

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when and where

When and Where is Camp No Fear?

23rd to the 26th of January, 2020 for registered campers.

Camp No Fear is at Phillip Island Adventure Resort. This incredible site has heaps of room for activities, lakes, adventure equipment, comfortable cabins and great food! The only thing missing is you and your friends!

We hold a concluding celebration back at Gateway Church in Seaford. This starts at 2:30pm sharp and we encourage you attend when picking up a camper. The event ends at 3pm after which you can take your camper home and let them sleep!


Who can attend Camp No Fear?

Camp No Fear is open to young people who will be in year 7 through to 12 in 2020.

Additionally, if you finish school in 2019, you may attend for one last year

Who runs Camp No Fear?

Camp No Fear is run by Gateway Church which is located in Seaford, Victoria.

However, we believe that CNF exists for the broader church as well as those who don't attend church.

We partner with other churches and have upwards of 30 churches represented at camp - our heart is that other churches youth are supported, fired up and returned to their home church. Every year, we do our best to make sure that all youth and parents hear that exact message over the camp journey.

We also know from all the campers who attend with no church background that Camp No Fear is great for all young people, no matter your background. You'll be encouraged, make new friends and have a great time no matter what!

You can find out more about Gateway Church here

a typical day

What does a typical day at Camp look like?

First up is, unsurprisingly, breakfast! Every meal at CNF is an event in itself with MC’s who bring fun, games and lame jokes to keep you entertained and help wake you up! Then you’ll head into the auditorium (trust us, you’ve never seen a stage setup like this at any camp you’ve been to before) for the morning session including funny videos, massive games, the band and anything else we dream up that we think will get you in a good mood for the day.

Next are activities - your cabin works as part of one of four teams to try and be the ultimate team! We smash it out in the morning with a few activity blocks before lunch and a short break for morning tea (you’ve got to keep your energy up!). The activities at CNF are the biggest and best that we can come up with! Then it’s time for lunch with different MC’s to bring you similarly lame jokes. Tired yet? Too bad!

After lunch is another never-before-heard-of activity. Still hungry at this point? Have some afternoon tea and then, finally, a big block of free time to relax, hit the pool and chill with your newfound friends until more MC fun at dinner (we like food!).

After that, you’re into the final stretch with a massive night activity (these go to a whole new level) and the night session in the auditorium – this typically features an epic opener, a dance, the band, our incredible speaker and much more! One more meal (supper) and then its off to cabins to relax and chat about the day before getting some rest for tomorrow. Phew!

sign up

Registration Information

You can sign up online at register.campnofear.com

Camp No Fear 2020 costs $369* which includes 4 days, 3 nights, transport, accommodation, all meals, activities, stage programs, full supervision and a great message! Once you've experienced what we offer, we're sure you'll agree that Camp No Fear is excellent value.

We offer automated payment plans to make it easy to get to camp - you can pay weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

"Community Tickets"

We love giving young people, who might not otherwise get the chance, the opportunity to experience the legendary Camp No Fear. Community tickets are an opportunity for those who already understand and love Camp No Fear to invite people not connected to a church family to experience camp for the first time at a significantly discounted rate.

Community tickets are made possible by the generosity of sponsors at Gateway Church who believe in growing and expanding the reach of Camp No Fear, which is why there is a condition for the use of this discount: the Community Ticket discount is only for people who have never attended Camp No Fear and don’t have a regular church home. As sponsorship is limited so are Community tickets. If you have someone in mind that you'd like to offer a Community ticket to, please contact us.

If you don’t fulfil this particular condition but are experiencing financial hardship or are planning to send multiple youth to Camp, we have other financial assistance available as outlined below.

Financial Assistance

We know that financial pressures are faced by many families, and thanks to the generous support of many sponsors we offer general support and family discounts on a case by case basis.

See the registration FAQs for more information or contact us.


We genuinely couldn't provide the means of support and invitation outlined above without our sponsors. If you are in a position to provide a sponsorship donation we would love to hear from you. You can also provide a donation towards sponsorship during the regtistraion process if you are registering for Camp No Fear.

If you have any further questions, check out our registration FAQs or contact us. We'd love to help you out.

*please note that late registrations (after December 15, 2019) attract a $40 administration fee.


More Questions?

We have an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section - click below