get connected

Life wasn’t meant to be done in isolation. It’s about real relationships, with real people. 

Here at Catalyst, we believe the best way to build healthy relationships is in a small group of people that we call connect groups. 

However, we know that when it comes to connect groups — one size doesn’t fit all!  

We believe that living in real community like the Bible describes, means that we will actively encourage each other to really follow Jesus Christ. Through genuine friendships, a shared faith + accountability with each other, we will all be better positioned to be a catalyst for positive change in our community.

We have a wide range of very different connect groups that meet weekly or fortnightly, in homes or other venues. These groups meet based on age, location or even common interests. If you would like to explore which Connect Group might be best for you, please contact  Pastor John Meadth HERE

If you have any needs or prayer requests, we would love to support you. 

You can submit prayer requests online HERE.