Catalyst Church is a unique church that seeks to provoke lasting change by sharing compassion and hope.  Our newly name Beyond Conference picks up where Vision Builders left off.  We want to see God's kingdom expand 'Here', 'Near' and 'Far'.

We live in an age where the spiritual battle is ever so real, however this also brings great opportunities.  Through our Beyond Campaign we have an exciting opportunity to see God's vision for mission through Catalyst become a reality; but it takes generous lives! 

2 Cor 8:3,4 'For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability.... they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the Lord's people.'  

Let's be challenged as a church to see our generosity go 'beyond our ability' so that we make the eternal difference God is calling us to. 

Pastor Carl & Jess Mutzelburg

debt centre

Established in 2013, Catalyst has partnered with CAP (Christians Against Poverty) to establish a Debt Centre for the Ipswich Region.  This is an exciting new development that will provide a professional debt management service, releasing people in our local community from debt and poverty through Free debt management, training and ongoing support.

For FREE DEBT HELP contact 1300 227 000 1300 227 000 or email Angela here.

We also offer The CAP Money Course, a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that really works.  Check out this short clip showing more on CAP Money.


We partner with EMPART to transform communities in Asia. 

Empart exists to bring holistic transformation to individuals and communities in Asia.  We are part of their work to reach, restore, release and resource indigenous Christian leaders to transform communities among the most needy.  Empart's primary goal is to see 100,000 communities transformed in Asia by 2030.

Find out more about EMPART here.


Our vision through the CRI Network, is to have excellent quality CRI in every Ipswich state school, every week.  With endorsement from the Ipswich & Southern Somerset Ministers Fellowships, and support from individual Christians and many churches, the Network aims to lift the profile of CRI by empowering volunteer CRI teachers by providing free training, necessary resources and support.  Over the last year we have seen the reintroduction of CRI to  nearly 10 schools in the region  and other RI programs are expanding.  The CRI network supports over 100 volunteer RI teachers and functions with a small part time staff team of 6 led by Suzie Overell.  

To get involved or find out more, please check out their website here.

community facilities

As part of Beyond we plan to continue with restoration of our Brassall Campus in ways that helps us facilitate community every day of the week.   In the coming year we hope to make improvements to the Kidzone rooms with a new suspended ceiling and potentially air conditioning as well.

We dream of a Church campus that....

  • opens countless new opportunities for us to engage with our local community;
  • allows people to connect in a meaningful way;
  • is open, warm, inviting, attractive and conducive to helping people of all ages feel at home;
  • is the birth place for a multitude of radical disciples who are inspired and equipped to make a difference, Far, Near and Here.

a2a (acts 2 Alliance)

Coaching & equipping Pastors & local church leaders for ministry through leadership, resources and coaching input to a network of over 650 churches as part of Willow Creek Australia and 50 churches in Australia through the A2A church network. 

Feedback from leaders Catalyst has direct involvement with.
 “Sometimes leaders shy away from asking for help.  I can say I’m so glad I asked for help. It’s revolutionised my life and our whole church.  I have always got more to learn, and having the input of a pastor who’s been through most of what I’ve been through and can guide me through tough times is invaluable.” Ps Matt Prater – New Hope Brisbane

Find out more about A2A here.

compassion church partnership - ethiopia

We partner with Compassion and the Addis Alem ‘Mulu Wongel’ (Full Gospel) Church to support a Child Development Centre in Ethiopia.   This partnership provides a way that we can to do God’s will together, seeking justice for children in poverty.   Over 100 children are directly sponsored through Catalyst families. 

Gateway children's fund - png

Since 2007, the Gateway Children’s Fund (GCF) has functioned as a comprehensive child development agency, committed to improving the lives of PNG’s poorest children. GCF delivers a holistic program that is Child Focussed,Church Affiliated, and Christ Centred.

Child Focussed – we believe every child deserves access to good food, clean water, and basic education. Children are often counted amongst the most vulnerable members of any community, and those who live in poverty are most at risk. So we are passionate about helping poor children live in safe, healthy environments. Our hope is that they will flourish and grow up to help their families, villages, and nation.

Church Affiliated – we work with local churches who make buildings and facilities freely available so our Programs can be delivered in poor communities where help is most needed. Through the ministry of their local church, children are shown and given the chance to respond to the love of Christ.

Christ Centred – as a Christian charity, we believe only Jesus Christ can transform human lives and meet the deepest needs of the heart. His love brings abundant life and empowers physical, emotional, spiritual, social and economic renewal.